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Sunrise Horse Farm Values

With the release of "Odds on Favorite" which takes a hard look at the Thoroughbred racing industry, MaryAnn Myers has stepped out on a bold limb. "I love Thoroughbreds, I love the racetrack, but..." says Myers. "We need to examine the practices of old and re-evaluate the new standards. We need to always, and I mean always, put the horses' and jockeys' safety first. Racing is all about winning, yes, as with most competitive sports. But it is also about the integrity of the sport. Owners and trainers need to be held accountable for the Thoroughbreds they breed and own. These horses run their hearts out, because that's what they were bred to do and that is what they love. But they have no choice of where to go after they are no longer competitive. That is where the integrity of ownership comes in. Everyone involved needs to make a commitment up front to the long respectful life of that Thoroughbred. It's as simple as that."

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Donate Today

Your non tax deductible donation will make a real impact on the lives of these retired thoroughbreds. At Sunrise Horse Farm we are committed to letting thoroughbred horses live long, healthy lives well into their golden years. Your donation helps provide feed, bedding, hay, farrier and veterinarian services. With a full barn of retired thoroughbreds, every penny counts and no donation is too small. We appreciate you!

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Sunrise Horse Farm

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